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Hi, I am Borislav Velev. Welcome to my website!

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Interested in optimizing your online platform, sales funnel or Facebook/Instagram Marketing campaigns using proven to work strategies? If so, you’ve came to the right place!

Let’s transform your online presence into profitable platform and your sales and marketing efforts into lead-capturing & revenue-generating system in approximately 66 days.

Depending on your goals with my team we can build, execute, consult you on or teach your team on Full funnel and Conversion Optimisation, Facebook and Instagram Advertising, Email Marketing, Lead Generation and List Building.

Contact me and lets discuss how I can help you improve your business and results!


I help business owners & entrepreneurs grow their business faster, better and more efficient, so they spend less time in the office, yet have better results.


Want to improve your online platform and digital marketing campaigns to increase their effectiveness, results and boost your revenues – schedule a consulting session with me.

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