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Hi, I am Bobby Velev. Welcome to my website!

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Several years ago, I realized that I need a change in my life. I was doing very well in business, my company was growing and so on, but I was not making the impact I wanted to make. I truly believe that making positive impact and difference in the lives of others is the single best thing a person can do. I guess this is why I decided to hire manager and team leader for my previous company, so I can have time to focus on sharing my knowledge, experience and strategies, as well as on creating valuable products (business growth info products and tools for effective digital marketing) and on teaching, coaching and consulting people and companies to help them achieve what they want in business and in life easier, faster and more efficient. Contact me to let me know if I can help you and your business!


I help business owners & entrepreneurs grow their business faster, better and more efficient, so they have more free time, money and freedom.



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