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Bobby Velev provides consulting services tailored to help entrepreneurs and business owners just like you improve their online presence, increase marketing budget, attract better clients, increase profits while spending less hours in the office.

Bobby Velev is trusted consultant and advisor. He has consulted many CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, start up companies and even whole teams from big companies. He is helping people increase their productivity & efficiency, digital marketing, online platform & business processes and results since 2005.

His holistic approach can literally transform your business and life. Bobby Velev is providing valuable insights, strategies, systems and tools that result in real business growth, revenue increase and most importantly better lifestyle. What you’ll learn with Bobby as your private consultant will take you to a completely new level. All of the consulting sessions are done online.

Bobby’s consulting services are focused on business growth, but it all starts with some inner game improvements. As Bobby likes to say – “Your life becomes better when you become better.”

 You will learn how to:

▪ Become better, more productive & efficient;
▪ Improve your online platform;
▪ Implement smart marketing systems & strategies with proven success record;
▪ Create, release and promote awesome products;
▪ Improve your sales process;
▪ Increase your marketing budget and improve your digital marketing results;
▪ Attract highly relevant leads and convert them into clients;
▪ Grow your business exponentially;
▪ Increase your income while spending less hours in the office;
▪ Free more time for things and people you love.

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